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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

We recruit, screen and hire talented providers for your locum tenens and full-time positions — we help hire providers every single day and we're great at it. We're recognized as the best staffing organization in the industry. That's why hospitals and medical groups trust us to manage something as important as finding the right Physicians, PAs and NPs for their workplace.

Our business clients can devote more time to achieving their organization's goals by leaving to us all the work it takes to find, onboard and manage exceptional providers.

Our culture and our award-winning client service is what makes us different than any other locum tenens provider. Here are some of the features that make us the best at what we do:

Higher Performing and Motivated Providers

Ultimate Locum Tenens uses proprietary processes and programs that ultimately motivate our physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to own the outcome of their assignment. By having a true connection with the client and with Ultimate Locum Tenens, engagement increases, and performance improves. This is what makes us different from other locum tenens providers and why our organization is consistently recognized as being the best in our industry.

Ambassador Program (NP/PA Placements Only)

When Ultimate Locum Tenens places nurse practitioners or physician assistants on assignment, they are employed by our company as "Ambassadors." This is important to our healthcare clients because all of our Ambassadors fulfill our company Promise and our Purpose, "To make life better for the people we serve." We invest time into building fulfilling relationships with our Ambassadors and equipping them to be successful on their assignment. They are uniquely positioned to concentrate their focus on helping patients and doing good things for others.

Reliable Placements

Not only do we verify all credentials of providers we place on assignment, we take it further and run background checks on all providers we employ. This gives you, the client, one more level of security and reliability to know that the provider we have placed with you is dependable and will provide a high degree of passionate care.

Process Adapt

With Ultimate Locum Tenens' exclusive "Process Adapt," we take the time to really understand what our clients are looking for in their candidates. We understand that it is not our own, but our client's unique perception of quality that matters most. By continually adapting to our client's perception of quality, we are able to screen and interview providers the way our client would. Once a provider is placed in your hospital or medical facility, we continually seek your feedback to better match candidates to your organization.

Malpractice Insurance

Ultimate Locum Tenens provides top-rated professional liability coverage for the physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants we place.

For more information on the benefits that Ultimate Locum Tenens can bring to your hospital or healthcare organization contact us today.