About Us

About Us

What is Ultimate Locum Tenens?

Ultimate Locum Tenens is an expert provider of healthcare staffing solutions, specializing in the recruitment and placement of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Through our uncompromising commitment to quality as well as our innovative staffing techniques such as our Ambassador Program and Process Adapt, we are better able to place remarkable providers with great medical employers and give both parties the Ultimate Fit they are looking for.

Our Story

We never wanted to be the biggest, only the best! We knew our business gave us an opportunity to do good things for others and a responsibility to always do the right thing. By keeping these philosophies at the forefront of everything we did, our company saw unprecedented growth and success.

Ultimate Locum Tenens is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roth Companies, L.P., the only staffing firm ever to be ranked #1 on the Inc. 500. In fact, we ranked on the Inc. 500 three times in our first ten years in business. Staffing Industry Analysts creates a list of the largest staffing companies in the U.S. and, sure enough, we are a regular in the rankings.

We didn't expect it. This growth resulted from business clients and Ambassadors loving the experience we create and becoming loyal, passionate fans. Their feedback has helped us receive national recognition. No other staffing organization has been named Staffing Industry Analysts' "Best Staffing Firm to Work For" and "Best Staffing Firm to Temp For - all in the same year. We've also received numerous awards recognizing our alignment with the Malcolm Baldrige criteria for Performance Excellence.

Why does any of this matter?

Very simply, it validates why we are regarded by many as the best at what we do.

Awards and honors aside, what if we told you that we have grown to be one of the largest staffing companies without a single merger or acquisition in our company's history? Company buy-outs and take-overs are seen regularly in our industry, but we grew organically with no capital ventures or borrowings. This means that, regardless of which local office you visit across the United States, we are able to offer the people we serve a consistent experience in terms of our culture and the world-class service we provide.

What does the future hold?

It is now all about the journey. We recognize that we have a unique opportunity to do something special. The passion that resonates from our coworkers, Ambassadors and business clients as we fulfill our Purpose and Promise defines this journey and propels us into the future.